Wholesale Enquiries

Clearskincare welcomes your wholesale enquiries. We would love your clinic to use, stock and supply our products to your clients.

As well as offering all of the products displayed in our unique retail range, we also supply -

  • Our unique, fully autoclavable Clearskincare Medical Rollers (2mm needle length, 48 & 96 pin versions); and

An extensive range of professional strength Chemical Skin Peels

  • Salicylic Acid Peels in 8%, 12%, 16% & 20%
  • Our unique LISA (low irritant salicylic acid) 30% Peel, formulated by Dr McCaffery, fantastic for treatment resistant adult acne
  • Lactic Acid Peels in 10%, 20% & 40%
  • TCA Peels in 2%, 4%, 8%, 12%
  • Buffered Glycolic Acid Peels in 8%, 12%, 15%, 20%, 30%
  • 100% Vitamin C (L ascorbic acid) powder 30g
  • Salicylic 8%, Lactic 10%, TCA 2%, Glycolic 8% & 12% available in 10ml Minipeel sizes

All our professional strength Chemical Skin Peels are also available in a 15ml trial size and 50ml bulk purchase.

All minipeels include a cotton tip for application and full instructions.

100% Vitamin C (L ascorbic acid) powder 30g includes a cotton tip, spatula, 50ml purified water, screw top tube for mixing and full instructions.

An instructional CD is available on request.

Capes and fan brushes are also available.

Please provide your details in the contact form below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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