Copper Peptides

We have been looking for an effective and affordable product to compliment the Clearskincare Skin & Scalp Roller and Clearskincare Face Roller that will maximise the benefits of skin needling. We have found that product in Copper Peptides. For acne scars and all indented scars, and aging skin we have Clearskincare Copper Peptide Serum.

To compliment our Clearskincare Hair Regrowth Solution we have developed the Clearskincare CP Hair Tonic.

Clearskincare uses GHK-Cu peptides, complexes of copper ions and small pieces of proteins called peptides. Copper peptides are a normal constituent of human plasma, saliva and urine. GHK-Cu peptides are a very stable, breakdown resistant copper peptide with a high adherence to skin and tissue and is the most effective form of copper peptide available.

What are the benefits of Clearskincare Copper Peptide Serum for scarred and ageing skin?

  1. Assists in the improvement of the appearance of wounds and scars
  2. Increases skin renewal - reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  3. Reduces the appearance of skin ageing - firms the skin, reduces the appearance of small and large wrinkles, reduces blotchiness and blemishes, improves elasticity and skin plumpness
  4. Reduces the appearance of sun damage - reduces visible signs of ageing and increases skin density in 8 weeks