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  • Clearskincare is a pioneer of skin needling, releasing their unique roller range in 2004
  • Clearskincare Skin & Scalp Roller has helped thousands of people naturally infill their scars at home
  • No pain, just a moderate pricking sensation
  • A fraction of the cost of in-clinic treatments
  • Roller has a simple, clean, minimalist design
  • Solid, durable, highest quality plastic roller & handle
  • 192 finest quality surgical stainless steel needles (0.75mm needle length, 0.25mm gauge)
  • Roller lasts 12 months

Your Clearskincare Acne Solution

  • Clearskincare Skin & Scalp Roller
  • Clearskincare Copper Peptide Serum 15ml bottle with dropper

Perfect for sensitive, oily, combination, dry, breakout & acne prone skin


How To Use:

In the morning or evening

  1. Cleanse your skin with the Clearskincare Gel Cleanser by using ½ gram (one pea) to the whole face, rinse and dry skin.
  2. Apply the roller gently over the area to be treated, using a star-shaped pattern, roll each area 10 to 15 times, lifting the roller between passes to avoid rolling the same areas. A simple method is to divide your face into 6 areas - left and right forehead, left and right nose/eye/cheek/temple and left and right lower cheek/mouth/chin areas. Only roll around the eyes. The aim of the procedure is to create the maximum number of micro punctures per area of skin being rolled. It should take you approximately 3 to 5 minutes to roll your whole face. As you establish your routine you can increase the pressure applied and speed used. Only ever use as much pressure as you feel comfortable applying. You do not have to be too fastidious, remember what you may miss tonight you will get tomorrow night.
  3. After rolling, apply 3 drops of Clearskincare Copper Peptide Serum to the whole face. Divide face into 3 areas, measure out 1 drop of Clearskincare Copper Peptide Serum on the back of your hand, spread evenly and rub into your forehead area, then repeat this process for around your right eye, cheek and chin area and then around your left eye, cheek and chin area. Once absorbed, other Clearskincare creams can then be applied as needed. Clearskincare recommends the Acne Scar Solution be undertaken daily (as directed above) for maximum results. 

The Clearskincare Skin & Scalp Roller should be used by one person only.


How it Works:

The Clearskincare Skin & Scalp Roller has 192 finest quality surgical stainless steel needles (0.75mm needle length, 0.25mm gauge). These needles pierce your skin to create micro channels, stimulating the natural wound healing response in your body to produce collagen and elastin to naturally infill acne and all indented scars. This process is called skin needling or collagen induction (CIT). These micro-channels created by the needles also radically increase the absorption of Clearskincare creams and serums into your skin maximising their effectiveness, accelerating the infilling process. Clearskincare Copper Peptide Serum, Clearskincare uses GHK-Cu peptides, copper ions & small pieces of proteins called peptides. Copper peptides are normal parts of our skin that are used up and not replaced as we age. GHK-Cu peptides are the most stable and effective forms of copper peptides available.

Clearskincare CP Serum

  1. Improves the appearance of wounds & scars
  2. Reduces the appearance of skin ageing & firms the skin, reduces the appearance of small & large wrinkles, reduces blotchiness & blemishes, improves elasticity and skin plumpness
  3. Soothes irritated skin



Used as directed, the Clearskincare Acne Scar Solution naturally infills acne scars giving you skin that looks & feels firmer, smoother, plumper, brighter, revitalised and younger.

Results vary from patient to patient and the duration of needling programme is dependent on the severity, depth and extent of the scarring and the speed of your natural wound healing response.

Your skin naturally renews itself every 40 days (1 cycle). Results are evident after 2 cycles (80 days). Significant results after 4-6 cycles. Rolling can be ceased when you feel that your scars have sufficiently infilled.

Another benefit is that your scars will continue to infill naturally for up to 12 months after your final treatment.


Acne scarring before Clear Skincare needlingAfter treatment with the Clear Skincare acne scarring needling treatment.