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  • Clearskincare acne products have helped thousands of people achieve clear skin
  • A gentle, soap free, glycolic gel cleanser, mildly acidic pH, to match your skins pH, will not dry out or irritate sensitive breakout skin
  • A 2% salicylic toner that breaks the acne cycle by clearing excess oil, dead skin cells and grime from your skin, opening blocked pores and unclogging your congested skin
  • A 2.5% benzoyl peroxide BP cream that breaks the acne cycle by aiding in control of acne bacteria and reducing inflammation
  • Includes a unique, compact, no fuss, pimple & blackhead remover that actually works
  • Leaves your skin feeling crisp, clean, clear & fresh

Your Clearskincare Teen Acne Solution

    • Clearskincare Gel Cleanser - 125ml
    • Clearskincare 2% Salicylic Toner - 125ml
    • Clearskincare Easy Squeeze
    • BP benzoyl peroxide cream - 30g jar
    • Full instructions

Perfect for sensitive, oily, combination, dry, breakout & acne prone skin


How To Use:

AM: Cleanse skin with ½ gram (one small pea) Gel Cleanser, rinse & dry skin.
Apply ½ gram (one pea) Clearskincare BP Cream (whole face, no eyes and leave on all day). Apply Sunscreen /- makeup. 

PM: Cleanse skin with ½ gram (one pea) Gel Cleanser, rinse & dry skin. Apply a small amount of Clearskincare 2% Salicylic Toner to a cotton ball and swab your whole face starting at the forehead and moving down. The neck and decolletage areas can also be swabbed if needed.

Used as directed the Clearskincare Teen Acne Solution will last for 3 months.


How It Works:

The Clearskincare Teen Acne Solution uses a gentle glycolic cleanser and 2% salicylic toner to break the acne cycle by removing excess oils, dead skin cells, grime and make up residue, helping control the production of oils and opens blocked pores clearing your congested skin. BP cream aides in controlling the acne bacteria and reducing inflamation.

The Clearskincare Easy Squeeze, a unique compact polycarbonate blackhead & pimple extractor that actually works. It uses vertical pressure onto the pore, which enables the contents of even the most hardened, old blackhead or pimple to be extracted with minimal damage the skin.

The Clearskincare Easy Squeeze is an acne sufferers & therapists dream, it is brilliant.

The Clearskincare Teen Acne Solution was designed to control breakout to mild acne. For controlling moderate to severe acne please visit your closest Clearskincare Clinic to get prescription skincare.

It should be noted that some users may find that their acne may actually get worse before it improves. This can happen over a 2 week period, if improvement has not been observed after this period they may need to go onto the next stage of the Clearskincare Acne Programme. Please contact your closest Clearskincare Clinic for further details.

If you would like more information about acne and acne scar treatment follow this link to the blog



Used daily and as directed your Clearskincare Teen Acne Solution will control breakout to mild acne giving you clean, clear, smooth and bright skin.



Acne - before treatment


Acne - after treatment


Acne - before treatment


Acne - after treatment